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Thank You Howell Driving School


Tony was an amazing instructor, taught me everything i know and kept the positivity during my test today and i passed easily!! Awesome with the 6 hours as well for my permit took me to get my decals and everything, reasonable prices too!!

- Julia D.


My instructor was wonderful, calm and interesting. I would definitely reccomend this to other people

- Madison B.


Helped me learn to parallel park in an hour. I impressed myself.

- Theresa F.


The instructor Tom was great with my son who is 16 they even work on Sundays

- James H.


Our instructor was on time, very professional and very patient. My daughter had a great experience and learned a lot. They handle everything and make the process very smooth.

- Stephanie W.


Our Experience was fantastic with our 16 year old son. He was very nervous to drive however they made him so comfortable. If I can give them 10 Stars we would

- Glen S.


My daughter had Michele as her instructor. She was great ! My daughter has confidence behind the wheel and we will be back to take the road test with you. Thank you.

- Heidi G.


Great response, well trained instructor. Tony from Howell Driving School was awesome. My son had a great experience.

- Anthony V.


Both of my daughters used Howell driving school for their 6 hours and the refresher course before their road tests. One also took her written test there since she turned 16 before she had drivers ed at school. They made the process very easy and both Richard and Tony were great instructors. They accept competitor coupons so be sure to look for one.

- Lisa M.


Rich was awesome !!

- Ann M.


Easy to schedule, responsive, on time, great price, instructor was excellent.

- Bella D.


Had a great experience with Howell driving school and passed my test on the first try!

- Nicole B.


The driving instructors, are all nice, understanding of my first time learning to drive. They where able to provide a lot of anwsers to my questions. They gave me clear instruction and procedures on how to prefer specific techniques, that i would need on the road.

- Anonymous


Very Patient and very courteous with my child. I couldn’t be more satisfied with Rich.

- Diane


I had a very good experience with Howell Driving School. Michelle was a great teacher and very personable.

- Marisa S.


Howell Driving School is very professional, and the practice hours went fast. My instructor made me feel comfortable driving. I learned what was needed without any problems. Can’t wait for the review and driving test.

- Lauren L.


I really enjoyed working with the instructor Tom we really connected and he was very understanding and was able to help pass and relax my nerves of driving and helpe pass parallel parking Tom is one of the best I've ever met and I thank the howell driving and Tom for your help with me getting around with driving

- Craig W.


Great school and instructors. Registration process very smooth. Very helpful staff. Highly recommended

- Ellie M.


Did well, where nice and helped me as much as they could.

- Thomas F.


My daughter’s school does not have any drivers ed. She went to Howell Driving School for everything from start to finish. They were extremely accommodating and helpful every step of the way! She passed her drivers test on her first try And Howell Driving School made it the most pleasant experience! Thank you for your knowledge and professionalism! See you for the next kid in a few months!

- Karen H.


Very professional and friendly

- Wolfgang